HIV cases on the rise – DoH

Published: May 2, 2013

Twelve new Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) cases are recorded in the country everyday, the Department of Health (DoH) revealed.

In the latest HIV/AIDS registry released by the National Epidemiology Center (NEC), 370 new HIV cases were recorded in the month of March alone.

From January to March, there were 1,089 new HIV cases and 59 AIDS cases. Out of the total number, there were 295 young individuals aged 15 to 24 who tested positive for HIV.

The DoH said the 370 new HIV cases is 18 percent higher than last year where only 313 were recorded in the same period.

“Reported modes of transmission were sexual contact (364 cases) and needle sharing among injecting drug users. Males having sex with other males were the predominant type of sexual transmission,” the registry said.

The bulk of the new HIV cases came from NCR, Calabarzon, Central Visayas, Central Luzon, and Davao.

“The three highest reporting regions were NCR, Calabarzon and Central Visayas,” the registry added.

Out of the total 1,089 cases, 1,079 were infected through sexual contact and 10 through needle sharing among injecting drug users. There were a total of 1,026 males and 53 females infected through sexual transmission.

Statistics also said the number included 128 HIV-positive OFWs where 99 percent were infected through sexual contact and the remaining one percent through injecting drug use.

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