German gay tourists attacked in Georgian village

Published: September 7, 2011

Tbilisi, September 7, Interfax – Three German tourists, which turned out to be gay, were beaten and thrown into a river in the mountainous village of Omalo in Georgia on the border with the Russian republic of Chechnya.

Several young Georgians, who had arrived in Omalo as tourists from Tbilisi, invited the three German tourists to their table at a local restaurant, the Kakhetia information center said, citing a representative from a travel agency.

After traditional Georgian toasts, including one for love, the invited guests started passionately kiss each other in the lips. The hosts, having misunderstood the same sex love, felt affronted – first they beat up the German gays, and then tied their hands and legs and threw them into the river.

The foreigners were pulled from the river by local residents, who also helped the victims to descend safely into the valley.

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