Gay Muslim Scholar Shunned by the Faithful

Published: January 4, 2010

Gay Muslim Scholar Shunned by the Faithful

In the Old Testament, Lot was visited by angels looking to see whether there weere any just men in the city of Sodom. When a gang of men appeared at Lot’s door demanding that he turn his visitors over to them so that the mob could rape them, Lot offered the mob his own daughters instead; but the mob insisted that the visitors be handed over.

This is one of the Biblical passages that fundamentalists and anti-gay Christians point to when they condemn gay people for their sexuality. But the story appears in the Qur’an also, which is the holy book for Muslims. The Muslim prohibition against gay relationships is drawn from that scriptural episode–but now a gay Muslim scholar living in Canada says that the passage does not condemn gays at all. Rather, he argues, the Qur’an is condemning sexual assault; committed same-sex relationships based on love, and the people united in those relationships, should not be shunned by the faithful, but embraced as part of the community.

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