Gay men say online dating helped them accept their sexual orientation: study

Published: June 12, 2013

Online dating websites help some gay men accept their sexual orientation, according to research published June 7 in New Media & Society.

Nuno Nodin of the Instituto Superior De Psicologia Aplicada in Portugal and his colleagues investigated how the use of the Internet by gay men changed them in relevant ways.

Gay men have similar experiences with online dating as other groups, but “also experience specificities associated with their sexual interests and with the stigma that still affects homosexuality,” the researchers said in the study.

Though some gay men told the researchers their experiences with online dating had not impacted them in any significant way, they were in the minority. Most indicated the online experiences had change their view of themselves and others.

In their study of 36 gay men, the researchers found several individuals reported that online dating had increased their acceptance of their own sexual orientation. The availability of like-minded sexual partners also increased their self-confidence regarding sex in general.

One participant said “his online experience lessened his internalized homophobia” by providing a space to freely explore his sexuality, Nodin and his colleagues wrote. Other participants made similar comments.

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