Gay Activism In Uganda Has Lost Its Way!

Published: June 17, 2013

Let’s start with the good news.

Abby (Love) Mukasa is dead. So is Henry Lugolobi (aka Junior). So is Emma Kawuka. So is Sunday (Sande) Mubiru.

They’re all young gay boys who have died of HIV&Aids complications in the space of about eight weeks. Sunde died only last Thursday. All four died in sad, dreadful, conditions.

So, how can this be good news? Well, Abby, Henry, Emma and Sande are dead so they don’t have to worry about  the vituperation below, or what has precipitated it.


And now for the bad news:

Ladies and gentlemen … gay activism in Uganda has lost its way so badly it is no longer funny.

Even as the worldwide attention is focused on Uganda, mainly because of the Bahati Bill, there are huge problems on the ground that have very little to do with the bill.

First of all there are now far too many activist groups, some with just a single executive, but almost all of them trying to do the same things. At my last count there were more than 25 groups, all claiming to be focused on LGBTI human rights and/or HIV/Aids. Most of them are funded to various levels from abroad but none of them will, today, show you evidence that they are consulting with their grassroots to determine what the priorities should be. Most of them were formed by individuals who have continued to manage them as they please, and they are thus not accountable to the people they purport to lead.

With most of the LGBTI agendas being set in Oslo, Stockholm and New York City, he who pays the piper is calling the tune, and the tune seems to be … whatever the donors think it should be.  The entire movement in Uganda is now about what a few people with their foreign handlers decide and criticism or questions regarding strategy will either be ignored or ridiculed.

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