GATE Funding Survey

Published: August 14, 2013

 1. Dear friends, 

Please participate in this survey created by GATE – Global Action for Trans* Equality and American Jewish World Service (an international donor that supports grassroots human rights groups), in collaboration with researchers from Strength in Numbers. The survey is about the funding situation for groups working on trans* and intersex issues around the world. We know there is not enough funding for trans* and intersex communities, and with this survey we hope to document the reality of how much money and other resources groups are able to access.
GATE and other groups will use the results of this survey to engage with major donor agencies about on-the-ground realities for intersex and trans* groups globally: to discuss what the available funds are, and how they do or don’t relate to groups’ needs. Our goal is to direct more funding towards trans* and intersex issues. Please feel free to send this survey to other intersex and trans* groups. We are seeking respondents from both trans* and intersex organizations as well as larger organizations that have trans* and intersex programs or projects. 
The survey is carried out by Strength in Numbers, an independent research institute. Your individual survey response will be confidential and will not be shared by Strength in Numbers with anyone, including GATE and AJWS. You are welcome to take the survey without stating your organization’s name or your contact information. If you choose to share your contact information at the end of the survey, please know that your contact information will not be shared with anyone outside GATE and AJWS. The researchers will only share your contact details, not your individual responses, with GATE and AJWS. 
We chose to conduct the survey for trans* groups and intersex groups together, because we feel that there is a need for information about the funding situation for both groups. We know that those groups sometimes do and sometimes do not work together, and will take that into consideration in the analysis of the results.
GATE uses the term intersex to name those people who were born with bodies that vary from female and male standards. We use trans* as a placeholder for many local/cultural terms describing those who identify in a different gender than the assigned to them at birth, and/or those who transgress binary gender norms, including transgender and gender-variant people. 
Your participation in this survey is important, and we strongly value your input. This survey will take approximately 15-35 minutes of your time. 
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