End "Medical stigmatization" of Trans People

Published: November 4, 2010

As part of the campaign, Stop Trans Pathologization (STP) 2012, aiming to advocate for the removal of transgenderism as a mental illness from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), due in 2014, groups in different parts of the world recently staged protests titled ‘Trans October’, to make their point.

Demonstrations and activities took place in 61 different cities around the world including Cape Town where activists expressed their frustrations
about the fact that transgenderism

is still classified as a mental illness on the World Health Organisation’s ICD and the American Psychiatric Association..
“We have a strong sense of transphobia affecting us.

It is not a disorder for individuals to embody diverse gender identities, instead the disorder is with contemporary society’s Transphobia”, said Alira Araneta who is part of STP 2012’s organising committee.

Araneta said  it is sad that the Trans community is forced to accept the idea that they are mentally ill, “while there is no proof that being a Transgender person means that one is mentally disturbed.”

She added, “It is a shame that we have to accept this in order to be economically funded, in the end we are talking about a clash of the community with an economic and medical system spreading violent social notions.”

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