Destination Equality: Hate & Violence Edition – Winter 2009/2010

Published: January 1, 2010

Destination Equality – The Magazine of ILGA-Europe

Hate & Violence Edition – Winter 2009/2010

Table of Contents:


  • Editorial 3
  • ILGA-Europe Strategic Plan 2011-2013: Preparing for a great joint effort 4
  • ILGA-Europe Annual Conference 2009: Trans rights and overcoming religious and cultural barriers on the agenda 6
  • Eradicating hate crimes: Standing up jointly against hate an violence 10
  • Documenting & exposing hate: Combating Hate Crimes in Europe through Documentation 12
  • Fundamental Rights Agency: What can the EU do against homophobic hate crime and hate speech? 16
  • European Parliament: Why the EU must act of homophobia 18
  • Organisation for Security & Co-operation in Europe: The Role of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in tackling hate crimes 22
  • Thomas Hammarberg: The outspoken watch dog 24
  • Hate crimes as European concern: Hate crime as form of discrimination and why European organisations are failing to address it 26
  • National experience: Italian parliament fails to outlaw homo- and transphobic hate crimes 30
  • Shortcomings of Hungarian law on hate crimes 32
  • European Network Against Racism: A new effective tool to fight racist violence across the EU? 34
  • Victim support: Moving towards a European network 36
  • Anatomy of violence: Causes and Consequences of Hate Crimes 38
  • Essence of hatred: Swedish provocateur pictures hate 44


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