Call to end police brutality against gays

Published: November 1, 2010

A march aiming to highlight and put an end to police brutality against homosexuals and other marginalised groups started with drama on Friday 29 October 2010 as the station commander of Vosloorus police station announced through his subordinates that he was in a meeting and could not be able to receive the memorandum that was to be delivered by gay rights groups.

Demonstrators demanded that his precence and threatened to continue marching until he is done with the meeting. “To us this [his absence] is an insult, we had notified him well in advance and he agreed that he would come and receive the memorandum. It would be better if he had notified us that he would not not receive the memorandum then we would expect him to send someone in his position”, said Nokhwezi Hoboyi of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC).

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