Annual Activity Report 2010, by Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe

Published: April 13, 2011

Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg presented yesterday his annual report 2010. His final analysis: “Progress in implementing human rights is too slow; and the disappointment felt by many is more than justified. For this the politicians in power have a responsibility; the implementation of human rights is largely a question of political will.”

In his report he names Transphobia and homophobia as core items of the Commssioner’s work during 2010. Thus in a Human Rights Comment on August 31 Forced divorce and sterilisation – a reality for many transgender persons he expresses his concern “at legal provisions in many Council of Europe member states which require that transgender persons divorce and undergo sterilisation in order to exercise their right to have their preferred gender legally recognised. He called for expeditious and transparent procedures for changing the name and gender of a transgender person on official documents.”

This and other previous publications by the Commissioner will be available in Human rights in Europe: no grounds for complacency (2011) from May 16th (ISBN 978-92-871-6916-7; €19). The compilation includes a section on transphobia.

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