Published: May 7, 2014

“Coming Out” and the Russian LGBT Network submitted a joint alternative report devoted to the implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in the Russian Federation (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues) to the UN. The report, prepared by Kseniya Kirichenko, Legal Assistance Program Coordinator (“Coming Out” LGBT Organization) and Director of the Transgender Legal Defense Project (Rainbow Foundation), and Maria Kozlovskaya, Program Manager (Russian LGBT Network), was sent to the UN Human Rights Committee as an additional source of information to the 7th periodical report submitted by Russian Federation (CCPR/C/RUS/7).

The report covers six main problems which affected LGBT communities and LGBT human rights defenders in Russia, namely: violence against LGBT persons and LGBT human rights defenders; hate speech and manifestations of intolerance and prejudice by public officials, religious leaders and the media; infringement of the right to freedom of assembly and association; legislation prohibiting so-called “homosexual propaganda”, its implementation and effects; problems in legal recognition of transgender persons’ gender identity; and persecution of LGBT and anti-discrimination activists under the law on “foreign agents.”

According to Maria Kozlosvskaya (Russian LGBT Network),“ the submission of the alternative report is of great importance because it attracts attention to the problems of LGBT community denied by representatives of Russia in the UN”. Kseniya Kirichenko (“Coming Out”, Rainbow Foundation) states that “this submission is unique, because for the first time, it is a direct reply to the Russian authorities’ official report. Previous official reports didn’t provide any data on LGBT rights. This time they had to report because of the Recommendations made by the UN in 2009. 

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