African Signers of Mayibuye Pledge Vow to Work for Justice

Published: May 23, 2014

In preparation for Africa Day on May 25, a group of human rights activists is promoting a pledge in which Africans resolve to work toward social and economic justice in the continent, including an end to violence against women and sexual minorities.

So far, the document, called theMayibuye Pledge, has been signed by 187 people, including LGBT rights activists Victor Mukasa and Clare Byarugaba of Uganda and Phumzile Mtetwa of South Africa. Supporters of the pledge have also set up a Facebook page, which has 925 “likes.”

The sponsors explained:

Initially spurred by the violent laws enacted in Nigeria and Uganda against Africans who are non-conforming in terms of their sexual orientation and gender identity and expression and African women, we put this statement together to mobilise and re-engage ourselves and others around a platform to reimagine and transform Africa in the tradition of our liberation struggles and spirit of our ancestors.

We use the title Mayibuye iAfrica – a slogan from the liberation struggle in Southern Africa meaning ‘bring back Africa’ – to call for self-determination, diversity and justice and a return to our traditions of resistance.  We hope you will join us.

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