Addressing Religious Arguments to Achieve LGBT Equality (New Report)

Published: November 12, 2010

hank you for your interest in Faith in America’s groundbreaking report on confronting religious based arguments in order to achieve LGBT equality.

Our mission at Faith in America is to confront religion-based bigotry that lies at that heart of discrimination toward LGBT people. Full equality will not be achieved until the root of the issue is addressed. This report provides important information on how to start the conversation, persuade the movable middle and win the hearts and minds of those that will help bring an end to religion-based bigotry in all its forms.
Download the report below and more importantly, Share with your friends and family.

We also ask that you consider making a donation to help us with these efforts. Faith in America is the only organization that is working to address the root cause of discrimination that is cloaked in religion-based bigotry. We can’t make this happen without your help.

Please give generously today and help bring to an end religion-based bigotry.

Access to full report available at link below –

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