Action for Migrants Men (AMM)

Published: August 1, 2008

Action for Migrants Men (AMM)

Issues: In 2006 La casa del migrante at Juarez collected data that 86,000 men were deported in the Ciudad Juarez-El Paso border, the data shows that in 2007 these numbers will increase. Deportation among adolescents (13-19 years), youth (20-25 years) and young adults (26-35 years), is frequent and the statistics indicate that in 2008. Some deportees will stay in Ciudad Juarez as they do not have resources to return to their home or families.

Description: This project deported migrant deported to Ciudad Juarez will be provide with HIV curriculum from CDC (face to face, and men to men) CENSIDA (Manual prevention in HIV and iads in migrant mexicanos in USA). This curriculum will be presenter by HIV trained promoters with experience in the field. That features HIV, AIDS prevention programs with a recognized experience.

Lessons learned: The esperience of this project is to work with
1. Adolescent men, deported youth in DIF and migration attention ONG’s
2. Deportee homeless adolescent males: oven 17 years of age are in a risk situation as they are not housed in a ONG and live in the streets
3. Newly deported male:
4. Adult deported male in migrant attention ONG’s
5. Deported men in ONG who are drug users
6. Adult Homeless Deported men: These men usually reunite in high risk areas where there are sexual workers, drug users with injected drugs and methamphetamine and alcohol, living in these conditions will involve in high risk activities increasing the spread of HIV infection.

Next steps: Continiun of the social political participation of vulnerable communities and persons; the human rights promotion and advocate. Create and implement healthy public policies, his quality education, prevention, consulting treatment and attention and support to fight stigma, discrimination and social exclusion.

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