Published: April 13, 2011

Over the last few months consultations by national, regional and global AIDS advocates and representatives of key populations’ networks have led to many sets of civil society ‘asks’ of governments to respond to HIV and AIDS.  It was crucial to urgently develop a coordinated civil society approach to the negotiations for the outcome declaration from the UN General Assembly Comprehensive AIDS review High Level Meeting (HLM) in June 2011.

A consolidated set of civil society asks has been drafted from these national, regional and constituency asks by a range of community activist and networks from around the world.  On April 7, at a meeting organized by the Civil Society Task Force and ICASO (supported by UNAIDS), over a hundred civil society representatives provided feedback from their regions and constituencies on the priority issues/asks.  Many of these issues were raised by civil society speakers and representatives at the April 8 UNGASS Civil Society Hearing to feed into the HLM outcome.  
Out of these many consultations a “zero draft” civil society declaration has been developed by national, regional, global and constituency-based organizations to assist in coordinated civil society advocacy with UN member states (governments).    The "zero draft” will immediately be used for negotiations with governments in New York and in the national capitals around the world as consultations with member states has already begun.
ACTION you can take:

1.     Sign-up your organization to this “zero  draft” civil society  declaration by sending an email to

2.     Use this “zero draft” immediately to negotiate and advocate with government representatives in your home capitals and with government missions to the UN in New  York.

3.     Share your feedback/intelligence from meetings with governments with your civil society  colleagues.  You can join the civil society email group ‘aidsreview2011’by sending an email to

 Updated versions of the civil society draft declaration will be shared to reflect advances in the negotiations of the UN “zero draft”. The full list of endorsements will be sent to all UN Missions in New York and other key stakeholders.
 If you have any questions or comments, please write to:

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