A Nigerian reacts to the Jail All The Gays Bill

Published: May 31, 2013

When on the afternoon of 30 May 2013 the news broke that Nigeria’s House of Representatives had finally passed the hideous and draconian Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Bill, I was in total shock. I was at my best friend’s house with other secondary school colleagues of mine. We were there reminiscing on the glorious days we had in school. We remembered 20 years ago when we all left secondary school at the age of 18 years. My friends reminded me how indifferent we all were then about the world and, how they couldn’t have cared less I was gay. I found the day really interesting as my friends were telling me how they averted much playground bullying I could have faced while in high school. I hadn’t known that before. So it was ironic that whilst I was at my friend’s house, having lunch with a group of my high school friends who like me, live in London, I got a call from the editor-in-chief of Gay Star News alerting me to the latest development in Nigeria. Within minutes I had it confirmed the lower house in Nigeria had followed the upper house to pass the bill and it was just waiting for the assent of the president to make it law. So what really is behind this bill? Why am I, and many other Nigerians, gay and non-gay, against this hateful, shameful and severe piece of legislation? First, here’s the story until now: In 2006, Ojo Madukwe, the Nigerian Chief Justice under President Olusegun Obasanjo proposed a bill to the National Assembly to prosecute ‘same-sex marriage’ in the country.

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