10 significant Gay Events in China

Published: May 17, 2011

1. Hundreds of gay men have been rounded up and taken away in an ongoing police operation at Mudanyuan ( Peony Garden ), an outdoor gay venue, Beijing .
The Mudanyuan Event is the most serious violation of gay human rights in China . It affects the harmonious society establishment in China in various aspects as following: the police operation without legal authority demonstrates the setback of Chinese process of ruling by law, credibility of the government among minority populations has been greatly humiliated, more misinterpretation about Chinese human rights condition has been caused in the international society, and national HIV/AIDS prevention strategy and action will probably be more fiercely doubted or resisted by gay community.
The serious consequence of misbehavior of few governmental departments reminds us that a government serving for the people must recognize the people as the owner of the country, no matter what their sex orientations are.
2. Dr. Li Yinhe submits the proposal about homosexual marriage again to National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee (CPPCC).
Dr. Li Yinhe’s continuous attempt deserves our respect since each of us may benefit from it. On the other hand, it provokes our self-reflection that where is the voice from gay community when Dr. Li fights for our right and benefit bravely? It is probably that just because of our silence, Dr. Li’s fight looks like “a Dan Quixote’s fight”. Therefore, CMTHF advocates that gay CBO and gay men should unite together to collect, research and discuss our own issues in order to submit proposals by ourselves to the conference of NPC and CPPCC in the next year.
3. Tongge, the president of China Male Tongzhi Health Forum (CMTHF) and gay scholar has been invited as a member of HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention Consultant Committee, Ministry of Health.
It is the first time that Chinese government invites an open gay man to take an official position. This event indicates that eventually there is a legal and orderly channel for the appeals of 30 million gay men to Chinese government policy-making. This progress in public health field will bring chain reactions in other fields. Gay men in China are with steady steps to make themselves be an organic constituent part of the country gradually.
4. China rejects the application of IGLHRC to ECOSOC for consulting membership again.
It becomes a regrettable tradition for China to dissent in bill voting about gay rights and interests. This kind of standpoint seems untimeliness which may cause more misreading from the international community and be made use of by some force with an axe to grind, especially in the event that real human rights of gays in China have been remarkably improved. It is a common task for the Chinese government and gay organizations and gay community of China to show real living state of Chinese gay men to international community. Only if real China is shown to international community can we obtain better international environment for our reform and opening and for the establishment of harmonious society.
5. The open transgender Liu Zhu participated in an influential TV show in China, arousing a strong echo in the public.
Diverse thoughts are gradually accepted by the public, which marks a significant change in China .The notion "each of us has our own value" embodied in some entertainment shows is becoming mainstream in Chinese society .The open transgender walks into the public eyes, taking an oath: "We are here, we are human beings." Meanwhile, although Liu Zhu dropped out of the show in early period under some certain pressure, the public voice has not been in the hands of the pressure. Instead, Chinese have begun to stick to their own opinions, such as "If I love it, no one can ban it."
6. NCAIDS, WHO China Office and CMTHF co-organized “Seminar on Promoting MSM HIV/AIDS Prevention into Depth”.
After 10 years’ development, Chinese Gay NGO co-organized the seminar with the government and international organization in an equal position. Although it is not a huge conference, it is a signal that Chinese government transfers societal issues to the civil power in an equal way, especially populations related to those issues. The achievement of gay community’s fight against HIV/AIDS transmission wins the position for us. The seminar also indicates that we are definitely the professional and leader in issues that closely influence and affect us.
7. The first Gay Beauty Contest in China has been suspended owing to the interference of the police. However, one of the competitors, Mr. Xiao Dai ,who was elected by the host organization ,participated in "the International Mr. Gay "competition in Oslo ,Norway .Luckily ,he came fourth in the contest.
There is a strange phenomenon that Chinese gays who take 20% of the world gay population are always incomprehensible by the world. Insufficient expression of ourselves is one of the main reasons. To display group image by the way of beauty contest has become popular public relative method in modern society .China is learning those methods actively, and becomes increasingly the focus of world attention.
8. There are over 300 gay CBO in mainland China . Most of them are illegal without official registration under civil administration department.
Gay people have already become the most active population in Chinese civil society development. The emergence of a great amount of gay NGO promotes Chinese gay people to concern about our own issues. But, because of uncertainty in legal status, lots of gay NGO can’t push their work in depth. China Male Tongzhi Health Forum appeal stronger support from Chinese government to NGO in order to improve the representativeness of NGO, alleviate social conflict and reduce cost of social service.
9. Several same-sex marriages in Chengdu , Changchun , Guangzhou and Nanjing have been reported by the media in relatively subjective and neutral attitude.
 “To come out in the public” has been an option for lots of gays in China , which is promoted by subjective reports of the media as well. It implies that positive messages will promote the change of the public opinion. A tolerant society needs more understanding among various sub-groups.
10?Criminals like Same-sex rape and prostitution, which challenge the blank of law according to legal professionals, draw public attention.
It is a significant progress in construction of Chinese legal system to establish the principle of “No crime without law making it so”. However, the pragmatism of judicial authority seriously punctures the people‘s confidence to construct legal system when the laws involving gays are nonexistent. For the question that whether relative legislations will harm gays more, the position of China Gays Health Forum is: No rights and no obligations and only unambiguous protection in laws of gays’ legitimate rights and interests can be a premise to truly restrict illegal actions. 

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